The game Positive Moves is an idea that came to me Joe Byrne in November 2003. The overall idea of the game is to encourage children and adults to incorporate a healthier lifestyle regarding food and exercise. In today’s society and in every country in the world it is very easy to avail of fast unhealthy food , and with computers, TV’s and electronic games were not getting our daily quota of exercise.

Going back to my own childhood I can clearly remember playing football with my friends on the street for hours, girls playing beds, hop scotch, skipping or everyone playing rounder’s together. Fast food outlets weren’t as readily available like they are today, so little known to us as children we were doing over and above our exercise quota each day. Back then money was a little scarce so my mother Betty and father George made sure we sat down to a healthy home cooked meal each day.

In today’s society most families have both parents working to meet the demands of everyday living, children get lunch money and spend it on fast food! Our diets have taken a complete downhill drive on the road to obesity, playing games on our streets are virtually non-existent. Children and adults have such a choice of fast food, fizzy drinks full of sugar, chocolate and candy, our diets are not meeting the GDA’s (guideline daily amounts) were not getting our five portions of fruit and vegetables each day and the exercise the human body needs.

Thank you for reading up on my idea ( Dream ) Positive Moves. I hope it helps you if you play my game with your family and friends. We all only get out of this life what we put into it. We all only have one body. So take care of it eat healthy and exercise. Remember a positive move creates a positive mind a positive mind creates a positive move. I would like to take this chance to acknowledge my late father George Byrne who passed away on 8/1/1990 aged 49 also my late mother Betty Byrne who passed away on 16/10/1997 aged 57. They made me the person I am today.

Joe Byrne