Welcome to Positive Moves

Our goal at Positive Moves is to improve the health and education of our children.

Encourage Students from Disadvantaged areas to achieve their full potential to go on to Third Level education to become Doctors, Solicitors, Accountants, and Teachers etc.
Introduce Musical Instruments Guitars,Violins, Flutes,Thin Whistles,and Music Teachers.

What We do
Children may not think to pay much attention to their health. As long as they can move around when they want and have a regular source of food their health and well being takes a back seat to other more entertaining thoughts.

But with their peers increasingly becoming overweight and obese those concerns are starting to be pushed to the front of the line whether Children want to address the problem or not. Living healthy not only decreases chance of health risks but can also make a child’s live much more well rounded and enjoyable.

Living healthy isn’t hard, it’s all about making the right choices and creating good habits. In order to kick a healthy lifestyle into high gear Children have to get away from their video games and televisions and get moving.